Vinyl Rally

by Circular Wireless.

Some months ago I was contacted by Lucas Abela, an Australian Electronic Sound Artist.

He has designed a large-scale installation, the Vinyl Rally, which has been on exhibition at Sydney, Brussels, Birmingham and many other cities all around the world.

It is quite difficult to explain. Let’s say it is the coolest and most bizarre FPV application I have ever seen. I find this sentence defines it quite well:

“A ludic, tactile experience of noise art your grandmother would queue to have a go at” – Dan Mackinlay, Realtime.

Best thing to understand what is all about is to have a look at Lucas’ website:

From a technical perspective, Lucas was struggling to get a good video signal reception from his 5.8GHz video transmitters. He asked for advice on RC-Cam forum, and Nigel (aka Devonian/ Devonboy) kindly pointed him to Circular Wireless ( ).

We started to cross emails in July 2012, and using the SPW58 he improved considerably his reception. Now, and 50 emails later, he was setting up the installation in Berlin, and the assigned building was an old Hospital (now Art Museum), with very thick walls, and with the track going into two different rooms. After studying the floor plans I recommended him a double diversity system. For each car, two receivers connected to one Oracle diversity in each room, and then both Oracles connected to a third Oracle. So total, six Oracles and eight 5.8GHz receivers for the two cars.

I then visited the installation, and helped him to fine tune the position and type of the antennas. The final setup was one HELIAXIAL58 and one SPW58 in one room, and two SPW58 in the other room.

Obviously, this installation is a multipath paradise, but the Oracles did they job pretty well. The only issue was that due to the enormous amount of multipath, they switched between channels very quickly, even with the lowest sensitivity setting, which created a slightly annoying flickering when the Oracle couldn’t synchronize the video frames properly.

Altogether, I came back from Berlin pretty satisfied with the result, and with a new friend:

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