by Circular Wireless.

Since starting with Circular Wireless, I have received technical support questions and requests for custom-built antennas from all over the world.

As some of the projects in which my support was requested are extremely interesting, I thought it was a good idea to present the most attractive ones, and write “case studies” demonstrating the real world applications of Circular Wireless antennas.

So, I will start with one of the most amazing aerial RC platform that I have ever seen: the ZipZepp.

Another RC blimp? What’s new about it?

EVERYTHING!!! Just watch:

A professional film maker who uses all kinds of aerial platforms, and a member of , contacted me asking for some custom made antennas. Several months, PMs and emails later, I can proudly say that he is using our antennas in all his platforms, from 1.2GHz to 5.8GHz depending on the application.

The SPW58 looks really small in this huge octo… (left leg).

And of course the ZipZepp.

He was so kind that he even recorded this beautiful video. The shots of the ZipZepp from the octo are unbelievable.

And finally, just an example of what can be done combining shots from multicopters and the ZipZepp:

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