Terms and Conditions


Our products are not toys and should be kept away from children. They may have sharp edges or include sharp objects.


Shipments are made through the Postal Service, by the method of registered letter.

We apply the current rates of the Spanish Postal Service based on the weight of the package.

Circular Wireless members do not work full-time, and we manufacture our products semi-handmade, aided by appropriate technological resources. For this reason, and while we strive to fill orders promptly, it is possible that the shipment of products is delayed up to one week from the date of receipt of order and payment of the products.

Should not have any stock of goods specified in the order, and forecast a delay in sending the order longer than one week, we will notify the client the estimated delivery time, and give the client the option to cancel the order without any charge.

The largest boxes we use for our shipments measure 22x22x45cm, in order to not exceed the limit of 90cm in the sum of the three dimensions, since from that limit Spanish Postal Service applies parcel rates, rather than letter rates. For this reason, in the case of orders that include a large number of bulky products, in particular two or more antennas HELIAXIAL12, please contact us through www.circular-wireless.com/contact.


All prices shown on this website are net prices and include all taxes legally established.

The preferred method of payment is through Paypal and automatic. However, if you prefer the bank transfer, please contact us through www.circular-wireless.com/contact.


All products are guaranteed by Circular Wireless for two years from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by neglect, beatings or tampering. Nor does it cover wear of materials under normal use (eg scratches), and in particular does not cover the blackening of the copper parts exposed to the weather. This blackening, inevitable after prolonged exposure to the elements, does not affect product performance.

In the case of a warranty claim, Circular Wireless should be contacted via email to the contact address of Circular Wireless outlining the deficiencies. Circular Wireless will agree with the customer the shipping of the defective product if necessary. In any case we will accept a shipment if there hasn’t been prior written acceptance by Circular Wireless.


To buy from Circular Wireless, all users must register. This is a quick and easy process, in which we only ask those basic data to provide a fast and consistent service according with their expectations.

On subsequent visits, and whether to buy new products, will not be asked back any information, but can login to your account with your username and password.

The customer who wishes to unsubscribe permanently in our On-Line and database only need to send an email through www.circular-wireless.com/contact with the email where the registering was made with the subject “Delete” and we will proceed immediately to the deletion of your account, as well as all the information you provide on time, not leaving any trace of them in our possession.

Circular Wireless ensures that the data provided shall in no way be provided to third parties or companies under any circumstances, ensuring their confidentiality.

The personal data received will be treated in accordance with Spanish Law 15/99 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and other regulations currently in force in Spain. Users may at any time access, rectify and cancel the data included in the registration form directly from your user account, or in writing through www.circular-wireless.com/contact.


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