Circular Wireless

This site is dedicated to the promotion of the circular polarization antennas for video transmission in FPV.

FPV is the name of a new and exciting branch of the radio controlled aircraft modelling. It corresponds to the initials of First Person Video, and consists basically of equipping the aircraft model with a video camera connected to a wireless video transmitter. On the ground there is the matted wireless video receiver, and the pilot visualizes in real time the video feed from the camera, by means of a screen, or better, with video goggles.

The immersion sensation, and the feeling of being piloting from “inside” of the aircraft is unbelievable.

The flying experience depends to a great extent on the quality of the video signal, and for this is fundamental to understand how the use of different types of antennas can affect to it.

Here we will explain the basic concepts to understand and to optimize the wireless video link, the advantages that the circular polarization can bring, and the details about different types of circular polarization antennas.

Happy flights!

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