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Since I started in the FPV, my obsession was to improve the quality of the video signal. The immersion feeling was lost due to the momentary signal cuts, the electrical power noise, interferences from outside, and generally anything that will remind you that you were not inside the plane, but watching an image transmitted through a weak wireless link.

Among these improvements, it was clear that antennas were the key. In the same way that the best audio player in the world with a professional amplifier, is totally useless if you connect it to a low-end speakers, having a last-generation camera with the best technology of wireless video transmission, is also useless if the antennas do not have the right quality.

So, starting to develop and build my own antennas brought me to meet the team that today forms Circular Wireless: a group of Telecommunications Engineers, which brings together the passion for model airplanes and FPV, advanced knowledge of antenna design, and experience in professional production resources and laboratory testing.

We believe there is a long way to go, and our mission is to reinvest in new products development, that will enable FPV experience to become increasingly satisfactory for a growing number of pilots.

Through this blog and forums in which we participate (sircana @fpvlab @aeromodelismovirtual @rcgroups) we will publish our progress in this field, and several off-topics that we believe can entertain you.

Thank you very much for your support and Happy Flights!