HELIAXIAL58 (5645-5945 MHz)


Helical Antenna 12dBi, 5645-5945MHz, right hand circular polarization, SMA female connector straight. Includes a SMA male-male angled adapter, another SMA male-male straight adapter, and another SMA male-female angled adapter, to connect the antenna in any position.



The circular polarization directional antenna, high gain, ideal for use in the video receiver when intending long ranges. They have a minimum of 12dB of gain, and combined with a Skew Planar Wheel Antenna in the video transmitter offers over 6 km range.
The antennas are right hand circular polarization.
Supplied with SMA female connector, and including three different adapters, in order to allow different ways of connecting the antenna to the receiver.
The reflector is 3mm aluminum, the support structure is made of Plexiglas and the helix is made of enameled copper. The start of the helix runs parallel to the reflector. This is the impedance matching, and it has been adjusted manually for each individual antenna.